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Motivational Speakers Bureau

Inspiring Speakers has been serving the speaking industry since 1997. During that time we have grown to represent hundreds of speakers around the world, each one with very specific areas of expertise and presentation topics. We have read our speaker's books, viewed their promotional videos, and seen their delivery style live on stage. Throughout the course of our experience of helping find the ideal speakers for our clients, we have become uniquely adept at recognizing which speakers match perfectly for each client and their ever-changing needs.

There are many advantages to working with an experienced motivational speakers bureau. As most event planners know, working with a good bureau saves you not only a lot of time, but also effort. Those who use a professional speaker bureau also gain access to people who are deeply knowledgeable about the speaking industry. Speaker bureaus are familiar with whom they represent, and can advise clients based on speaker expertise as it relates to the individual needs of their particular audience.

Because of our extensive background, we are confident about making informed speaker recommendations when our clients and event planners seek the help of our speaker bureau. Inspiring Speakers abides by many policies, and it is these codes of conduct that distinguish us from other speaker bureaus. First and foremost, we strive to always give you honest, unbiased answers. As an independent entity, our speakers bureau is not beholden to any outside partnership. As such, our highest purpose is to serve the needs of our clients above all else. We maintain no business allegiances that would distract us from our most important objective: providing you quality assistance.

Our speakers bureau was started with the primary goal of always acting with your best interests in mind. The reason we maintain clientele amongst fortune 500 companies and leading organizations throughout North America is because we strive to exceed our client's expectations. If we consistently select the perfect motivational speaker for your event, our speaker bureau makes you be recognized as competent. Whether you are a meeting or event planner, in human resources, or the president of your own company, this reflects well on your expertise and ability.

Experienced speakers bureaus are also able to offer valuable insights and fresh ideas that contribute to the overall success of a given event. Often our clients ask us to expand on the themes they want covered, and inquire about speakers who are versed in taking relevant topic material to the next level. In this regard Inspiring Speakers is a proven industry leader. Though the most important element is consistently hitting a home run with selecting the ideal professional speaker, we also work hard to cover the details behind the process of working with speakers bureaus.

We pride ourselves on being effective communicators who add value to the success of our clients meetings and events. Our involvement with your event stretches beyond presentation day, as we contact you to make sure everything went as planned, and to discuss any questions or concerns you may already have for your next engagement.

Inspiring Speakers has learned that the better our relationships with our clients, the more effective and successful we are as a motivational speakers bureau. We strongly believe that every new client means a new unique business relationship - one that can thrive for years to come.

Inspiring Speakers Bureau, August 2009

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